Web Pages are designed using InVision, prototype is created with Axure

Mr. Gourley released the first of three planned solo albums in 2020. When he reached out to me and asked if I could help him with the website design, I told him that I’d be honored. “Lost in the Shuffle” which is the first of his solo-driven releases is an amazing piece of work and I really enjoyed putting the site together to help him with promotion, sales and marketing in his endeavor. There are an overwhelming amount of great photos of Ben playing with his band, The Rumpke Mountain Boys, but I felt the black and white photos that I featured on the Home and About screens captured his essence perfectly. In keeping with the black and white theme, I continued to frame the rest of the site up with gray and black overlays.

Link to Prototype: https://dz6moc.axshare.com/#c=2