Drawn with Sumi Ink on watercolor board, Designed in Adobe Photoshop

Inspired by the tale of a young man fleeing his homeland before the invasion. The rest of his family had already boarded the train, which was leaving the station. The young man running with all his might to catch up to the train to escape together with his family. The story ends abruptly never revealing the young man’s fate, it left me thinking of the stories I had heard from a dear friend’s mother while visiting with her in Brooklyn. In the scene of the caboose and some of the freight cars on the train disappearing into the dark night; the young man portrayed as a dark figure running across the field as the spotlight shines onto his back. The barbed wire indicates the impending imprisonment, and separation from his family he would likely face if he doesn’t make it to the safety of his family who anxiously await him aboard the train.